Timor Leste ToR 10-0161


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Senior Trade and Legal Advisor to the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Industry of Timor Leste

Country/ Location of the position Timor Leste
Status/Reference FWC
Agency/Donor EC
Experts E1 Senior Expert in Trade and Tarde Legal Affairs (15 years exp)
Start + duration of project 3rd October 2011 – 31st December 2011
Duration of mission E1 175 working days
Required language Fluency in written and spoken English an Portuguese
Application Deadline 27.08.29. Recruitment starts immediately upon publication of this vacancy announcement, posts may be filled already before the indicated application deadline.
ToR Timor Leste ToR 10-0161
Eligible Nationalities all
Observations Only short listed consultants will be replied to.

Please apply only if you fulfill all requirements for the vacant position

All experts must have at least regional experience

Sending us your application is a commitment and we expect you to be available for the mission you are applying for.

Download EU AID CV template in the 4 main languages  of the EC http://wp.me/p1sHoW-5D




Only short listed consultants will be replied to.


If you wish to submit your candidature, please send us:


1 – Your up dated and position-adjusted CV in EU AID format, in the language of vacancy and as word.doc detailing qualifications, experience in similar assignments

2 – The country, no of position/field (s) you will apply for in the subject line of message

3 – Your daily/monthly fee (EUR) without the living allowances.

4 – Your communication details (Mobil, phone, etc.)


Suggestions: Please make sure, that the experience requested is also shown “Description” section 14 of your CV. As the selections are very strict and paper based, we request you to prepare your CV in the right format and detail all the relevant experience under the Professional experience table as much as possible. There is no problem if your CV is long, the most important is to prepare so that it describes clearly your experiences relevant to the mission. (Your CV has to sell you!)

Restrictions: In case consultants are short listed, they must be able to provide documentary evidence for educational and professional items in their CVs (copies of diplomas, copies of employers’ reference letters, etc.). Documents that are not available in English have to be accompanied by a faithful translation. This is mandatory requirement for Europe Aid tenders.



Senior Expert in Trade and Tarde Legal Affairs (15 years exp)


Education: Law Degree certified by a University founded or accredited 20 years ago or more.



  • Proven institutional leadership experience in Public Governance (within a Public Administration) for at least 5 years.
  • Legal drafting laws and regulations experience in Timor-Leste for at least 3 years is highly desirable.
  • Proven experience on Codification (legal codes) drafting and procedures.
  • Experience in drafting, interpreting and negotiating public protocols and contracts.
  • Experience in mentoring and capacity buildnig national staff in developing countores (experience in Timor-Leste or in this region will be particularly highly regarded).
  • Experience in ministerial offices is essential.

Languages: The Ministers Office uses Portuguese and Tetum. English is also indispensable. Law drafting and presentations are in Portuguese.


Terms of reference

Timor Leste ToR 10-0161


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