Killefit consult consultant sourcing and project management
Approximation of Ukrainian legislation to the EU norms and standards in the sphere of vocational rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities

COUNTRY/ LOCATION Ukraine, Brussels and home based
EXPERTS E1 Expert with experience in vocational rehabilitation and/or employment of people with disabilities.
LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS The expert should have good command of English, oral and written.
Knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian languages would be an advantage
DEADLINE Sep 26, 2012 Recruitment starts immediately upon publication of this vacancy announcement; posts may be filled already before the indicated application deadline.
ToRs are available only for shortlisted experts
• Only short listed consultants will be replied to.
• Please apply only if you fulfill all requirements for the vacant position
• All experts must have at least regional experience
• Please send us your CV in the EU AID format; you may download the templates at
Only short listed consultants will be replied to.

If you wish to submit your candidature, please send us:

1 – Your up dated and position-adjusted CV in EU AID format, in the language of vacancy and as word.doc detailing qualifications, experience in similar assignments. CVs in other format than EU format will not be evaluated.
2 – The country, no of position/field (s) you will apply for in the subject line of message
3 – Your daily/monthly fee (EUR) without the living allowances.
4 – Your communication details (Mobil, phone, etc.)
5- Applicants are encouraged to create their consultant profile in our online registry at:

Suggestions: Please make sure, that the experience requested is also shown “Description” section 14 of your CV. As the selections are very strict and paper based, we request you to prepare your CV in the right format and detail all the relevant experience under the Professional experience table as much as possible. There is no problem if your CV is long, the most important is to prepare so that it describes clearly your experiences relevant to the mission. (Your CV has to sell you!)
Restrictions: In case consultants are short listed, they must be able to provide documentary evidence for educational and professional items in their CVs (copies of diplomas, copies of employers’ reference letters, etc.). Documents those are not available in English have to be accompanied by a faithful translation. This is mandatory requirement for Europe Aid tenders.

One senior expert required in the framework of this mission.

 Profile per expert or expertise required:

– Education
The expert should have a university degree in social sciences and/or public administration.

– General experience
The expert should have not less than 10 years of professional experience within vocational rehabilitation and/or employment of people with disabilities.

– Specific Experience
The expert should have experience in project identification, drafting TORs, and preparing Twinning contracts and/or Fiches for the Twinning light projects initiated by the EC.

– Language skills
The expert should have good command of English, oral and written.
Knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian languages would be an advantage

 Starting period The assignment should start in November 2012.

 Foreseen finishing period or duration Maximum project duration will be 180 days.

The Fiche for the Twinning light project is to be prepared within 35 days and composed of 1 mission to Brussels, 2 missions to Ukraine and home-based work.

Within this contractual period of time, the assignment is completed when the twinning project fiche is developed and approved by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and by the EU Delegation to Ukraine.
It is advisable that the experts acquaint themselves, prior to the first mission to the field, with the general principles and procedures contained the Reference Twinning Manual for Twinning operations as it will be the procedural guide to be followed when drafting the Twinning Fiche

The contract will be executed as follows:

1st visit to Brussels – 1 working day
The expert will start his/her mission with a briefing meeting in Brussels with the representative of the EC Headquarters DEVCO. F.4. Please, contact Christophe INGELS
Head of Sector Twinning – TAIEX – SIGMA, Tél: +32 (0)2 29 55856, During this mission the expert will get all necessary administrative information to fulfill the task, as well as complementary technical advice.
1st visit to Kyiv – 10 working days

Upon the arrival to Kyiv for the first mission, the expert will participate in a briefing meeting with the EU sector manager at the Delegation of the European Union. This will allow him/her to meet stakeholders and to understand more precisely the specific context of the mission.

A least 3 working days before the end of their first visit in Kyiv, the expert will meet and discuss with the representatives of the EU Delegation to Ukraine and with the representative of the Programme Administration Office (PAO). He/she will report on the progress of the work and mention possible difficulties encountered.

Period between the 1st and the 2nd visit + finalisation of the document for approval (home base work) – 14 working days

– The expert shall send a first draft of the Twinning Fiche within 2 weeks after the end of the first visit to Ukraine. This document is to be sent to the EU Delegation and the Programme Administration Office. The expert has to integrate all needed amendments or suggestions received from EU Delegation Sector Manager, PAO and the Ministry of Social Policy.

2nd visit to Kyiv – 10 working days

On the basis of the comments raised by the first draft, the second visit will be dedicated to the completion and the finalisation of the Draft Twinning Fiche.

At least three working days before the end of the last visit, he/she will present in a meeting the final draft Fiche for the light Twinning contract. The document is to be presented to the EU Delegation, the Project Administration Office and the Ministry social policy of Ukraine.

At least the last three days of that mission will be dedicated to answering the questions raised in the above mentioned meeting and to amending the Twinning Fiche as requested jointly by the stakeholders.

The Twinning Fiche should receive the agreement of the Beneficiary and the approval of the EU Programme Manager and PAO. This final draft will be forwarded to Brussels for Interservice consultation and approval. The task will be completed when all recommendations after interservice consultations will be integrated and the twinning light fiche will be approved. For that reason it is recommended that the expert reserve some days for this purpose.

Each visit of the expert to Ukraine will be planned in detail in advance and agreed with the concerned Programme Manager at the EU Delegation. The PAO will be kept informed.

 Location(s) of assignment
The location of performance of the assignment is mainly Kyiv, Ukraine, where the expert will work within the Ministry Social Policy of Ukraine.

Specialised staff in the Ministry Social Policy of Ukraine will provide the expert with all necessary information and data concerning the state of play in Ukraine in the professional rehabilitation and employment of handicapped persons.