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Strengthening Public Procurement System in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Location Bosnia and Herzegovina
Status/Reference tender
Agency/Donor EU IPA
Experts KE1 TL
KE2 Senior Legal and Institutional Expert
KE3 Training and Communication expert
commencement January 2014
MISSION duration
KE1 400.00 working days
KE3 400.00 working days
KE3 250.00 working days
Language  skills English
Deadline 24/10/2013 14:00:00 Recruitment starts immediately upon publication of this vacancy announcement; posts may be filled already before the indicated application deadline.
ToRs are available only for shortlisted experts
Eligible Nationalities All
  • Only short listed consultants will be replied to.
  • Please apply only if you fulfill all requirements for the vacant position
  • All experts must have at least regional experience
  • Please send us your CV in the EU AID format; you may download the templates at


Please note that we will respond only to candidates who meet the above requirements

Only short listed consultants will be replied to.If you wish to submit your candidature, please send us:

1 – Your up dated and position-adjusted CV in EU AID format, in the language of vacancy and as word.doc detailing qualifications, experience in similar assignments. CVs in other format than EU format will not be evaluated.

2 – The country, no of position/field (s) you will apply for in the subject line of message

3 – Your daily/monthly fee (EUR) without the living allowances.

4 – Your communication details (Mobil, phone, etc.)

Suggestions: Please make sure, that the experience requested is also shown “Description” section 14 of your CV. As the selections are very strict and paper based, we request you to prepare your CV in the right format and detail all the relevant experience under the Professional experience table as much as possible. There is no problem if your CV is long, the most important is to prepare so that it describes clearly your experiences relevant to the mission. (Your CV has to sell you!)

Restrictions: In case consultants are short listed, they must be able to provide documentary evidence for educational and professional items in their CVs (copies of diplomas, copies of employers’ reference letters, etc.). Documents those are not available in English have to be accompanied by a faithful translation. This is mandatory requirement for Europe Aid tenders.


 Project Description:

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the development and implementation of a sound and efficient legal, institutional and operational foundation for the effective functioning of the public procurement system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in accordance with EU standards and institutional models and practices, including the use of modern information technology and e-procurement techniques. The public procurement reform will provide further transparency of public tenders whilst promoting efficiency and effectiveness in the use of public funds and reduce the potential for fraud, corruption and misappropriation.

The purposes of this contract are as follows:

Support the implementation of a new BiH Public Procurement Law, in case the new law (amendments) is adopted during the duration of this contract, legislatively, institutionally and operationally: by provision of detailed reviews, analyses, draft secondary legislation, and organising seminars on the new law

Support the effective functioning of the public procurement institutions (PPA and PRB)

Support the effective functioning of operational public procurement structures within contracting authorities and economic operators (tenderers)

Develop and support a long term sustainable capacity building and training system and provide training for the BiH public procurement community (both for the PPA and PRB and for contracting entities)

Develop and promote policies and measures on fighting corruption in public procurement,

Support further development of electronic system of monitoring public procurement processes (by the PPA) and disseminating information about the public procurement system, including the recent decisions and interpretations (both the PPA and PRB)

Develop and implement further elements of an e-procurement system in BiH

Results to be achieved:


In case of adoption of the new Public Procurement Law: New public procurement legal framework completed: both secondary legislation (including standard forms and tender documents) and supporting operational documents (guidelines)

Increased capacity of the central procurement institutions (pPA and PRB) to coordinate implementation of the procurement rules

Increased capacity of contracting entities to efficiently organise and conduct public procurement procedures and of economic operators to participate in public tenders

Sustainable national system of training for procurement community in BiH developed and strengthened

Contributed to improved integrity in public procurement and more efficient control of procurement operations; raised awareness about the importance of fighting corruption

Increased transparency of the BiH public procurement system and more efficient monitoring of implementation of procedures by contracting entities (an upgraded IT system)

Laid foundations for further development of the e-procurement system in BiH


Position: Team Leader

Duration: 420 days

Job description: The Team Leader will have the overall responsibility for the management of the Project activities described under these ToR, including the coordination of the work of the key experts, proper reporting to the Beneficiaries and Contracting Authority, efficient use of the Project budget, administrative and logistic support to the Project activities and good communication with all key stakeholders of the Projects. The team leader is also expected to provide own substantive assistance related to the main components and tasks of the project.

Qualifications and skills:

  • University degree in law, economics, management business administration or equivalent.

General and specific professional experience:

  • Extensive general professional experience (approx. 15 years) in relevant contexts, such as but not limited to, legal and institutional development, managing procurement operations, and as adviser to governments and public organisations;
  • 10 years’ experience in management, technical advisory, or supervisory functions in public sector procurement in scope and activities related to those required in the TOR;
  • Experience in management of complex projects, especially public sector projects financed by the European Union, in management or team leadership positions;
  • Hands-on experience in EU procurement legislation and good practices;
  • Experience in actions preventing corruption;
  • Awareness of the BiH public procurement system and/or knowledge of BiH languages is an asset.

Position: Senior Legal and Institutional Expert

Duration: 400 days

Job description: Reporting to the Team Leader, the Legal and Institutional Expert will be the leading adviser on legal and institutional development and implementation issues.

Qualifications and skills:

  • University degree in law.

General and specific professional experience:

  • 5 years of experience in advisory functions in public sector procurement (Central procurement policy and advisory functions) or as adviser/contractor to governments;
  • Experience in drafting public procurement legislation;
  • Experience of designing and delivering training in area of public procurement;
  • Experience of participating as adviser in EU projects of nature similar to this project is an asset;
  • Familiarity with the BiH public procurement system and/or knowledge of BiH languages is an asset.

Position: Training and Communication expert

Duration: 250 days

Job description: Reporting to the Team Leader, the Training and Communication Expert will be responsible for all the tasks.

Qualifications and skills:

  • University degree in areas of relevance to this contract

General and specific professional experience:

  • 10 years of professional experience in particular on the design and implementation of training systems and programmes, preferably in the area of public procurement;
  • Significant experience (5-7 years) in advisory and training delivery functions in scope and activities related to those required in these TOR of relevance to this position;
  • Experience in developing training methodologies and techniques, as documented with at least one major project, or institutional responsibility for it;
  • Experience of participating as training adviser in EU projects of similar nature to this project is an asset and/or knowledge of BiH languages is an asset.