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EU Support to Electoral Reform Cambodia – IDENTIFICATION and FORMULATION

Location Cambodia. The Experts will be based predominantly in Phnom Penh, with limited travel to provinces, whenever requested and agreed by the EU Delegation.
Status/Reference FWC
Agency/Donor EC
Experts E1 Team Leader, Senior expert in the fields of election assistance, democracy building, and/or election observation  APPLY
E2 Senior expert in the fields of election assistance, democracy building, and/or election observation  APPLY
Commencement 01 October 2014 – 31 January 2015.
MISSION duration 4 Months
E1 88 man/days
E2 88 man/days
Language  skills
  • Demonstrated an excellent command of spoken and written English, with very good reporting and communication skills.
  • Fluency in French or in Khmer may be an added advantage.
  • Demonstrated computer proficiency in major currently used software and web-based tools.
Deadline 29/08/2014 23:59:00 Recruitment starts immediately upon publication of this vacancy announcement; posts may be filled already before the indicated application deadline.
ToRs are available only for shortlisted experts
Eligible Nationalities All
  • Only short listed consultants will be replied to.
  • Please apply only if you fulfill all requirements for the vacant position
  • All experts must have at least regional experience
  • Please send us your CV in the EU AID format; you may download the templates at
  • To ease the assessment of CVs and avoid delays to obtain required information, the total number of working days / month performed for each position must be specified. Referees from the institutions that have been supported must be provided: for the past 5 years for the expert category I
Only short listed consultants will be replied to. 

If you wish to submit your candidature, please send us:

  1. An up dated and position-adjusted CV in EU AID format, in the language of vacancy and as word.doc detailing qualifications, experience in similar assignments. CVs in other format than EU format will not be evaluated.
  2. A cover letter where candidates should indicate how they fit the criteria outlined in the advert
  3. The country and position you will apply for in the subject line of message
  4. Your daily/monthly fee (EUR) without the living allowances.
  5. Your communication details (Mobil, phone, etc.)

Suggestions: Please make sure, that the experience requested is also shown “Description” section 14 of your CV. As the selections are very strict and paper based, we request you to prepare your CV in the right format and detail all the relevant experience under the Professional experience table as much as possible. There is no problem if your CV is long, the most important is to prepare so that it describes clearly your experiences relevant to the mission. (Your CV has to sell you!)


Restrictions: In case consultants are short listed, they must be able to provide documentary evidence for educational and professional items in their CVs (copies of diplomas, copies of employers’ reference letters, etc.). Documents those are not available in English have to be accompanied by a faithful translation. This is mandatory requirement for Europe Aid tenders.

2.4 Required Outputs

The expert/s will submit an inception report, interim reports and a final report as described below.


To enable the EU Delegation to make informed decisions on whether to further support to electoral reform

in Cambodia as a part of the EU’s support for good governance. In addition to the interim reports, the

experts can, with the agreement of the EU Delegation, contribute to the discussions on electoral reform in

Cambodia through government or civil society organised events.


The expected results include:

ƒ An inception report outlining the timeline, division of labour between the two experts, and methodology for the assignment. The inception report should:

− identify clear priorities for meaningful electoral reform on the basis of past EU EOM and technical adviser recommendations

− the timeframe for the completion of the tasks and the division of labour between the two experts based on their expertise

− ensure coordination with other development partner initiatives,

− be clearly linked to past EU support to democratization in Cambodia;

− and be clearly linked to the EU country strategy for development cooperation.

ƒ Interim reports on developments (progress, setbacks, opportunities and challenges) in Cambodia relating to electoral reform. These reports should include a section on donor coordination, including initiatives undertaken by other actors.

ƒ Papers and/or presentations on technical issues as a contribution to the participatory and consultative discussions planned on electoral reform in Cambodia

ƒ A final report defining options and recommendations for EU support to electoral reform that is integrated into the EU’s development cooperation including support for good governance.


The final report should include an expert analysis of;

  • the feasibility for meaningful reform in Cambodia, including a stakeholder analysis
  • problem analysis regarding key technical aspects of the reform
  • Options for areas of electoral reform where EU support would have the most added-value (voter registry reform, legal reform, administrative reform, transparency guarantees, etc.).
  • Lessons learnt from past EOMs and technical assistance combined with the state-of-play of current reform efforts
  • Complementarity between proposed actions and those of other donors and stakeholders
  • Complementarity between EU support to electoral reform and EU support for SNDD.
  • Risk analysis
  • Recommendations, options and next steps
  • In consultation with the EU Delegation, the identification and potentially the formulation of future EU support as per EU procedures and templates and annexes provided by the EU Delegation.


Qualifications and skills


  • Education
  • The experts must have at least a Master’s Degree or a level of education equivalent to a university degree of at least four years, as attested by a recognised diploma in a relevant field (such as law, international relations, political science, statistics, public administration, etc.)
  • Experience
  • Have a minimum of 10 years’ experience working at a senior expert level (Team Leader, chief technical adviser) in the fields of election assistance, democracy building, and/or election observation.
  • Have excellent interpersonal relationship skills and be able to collaborate in a neutral and diplomatic manner with public bodies, civil society, political parties and the international community in a politically sensitive environment.
  • Have proven knowledge of international human rights standards, experience with election reform.
  • Have at least 3-year experience in technical assistance to electoral bodies and/or election observation with proven knowledge of electoral best practices and international standards on elections.
  • Have knowledge of cross-cutting issues such as gender, human rights, and environment.
  • One of the two experts must have expertise in the technical aspects of voter registration.


The following skills will be an advantage:

  • Have proven knowledge of EU Project Cycle Management, experience in identification and formulation of EU programmes for EU external actions will be an added advantage.
  • Prior experience of working in Asia, preferably in Cambodia.
  • Have experience in working with or within multi-stakeholder programmes with multiple development partners and have knowledge/experience of donor harmonisation work.
  • Proven experience in implementing transparency guarantees in electoral systems will also be an advantage.
  • Language skills
  • Demonstrated an excellent command of spoken and written English, with very good reporting and communication skills.
  • Fluency in French or in Khmer may be an added advantage.
  • Demonstrated computer proficiency in major currently used software and web-based tools.



4.1 Starting period

The expert will have an introductory and briefing meeting with the EU Delegation in Cambodia, upon her/his arrival in the country and regular meetings as agreed with the Delegation.


Location Days foreseen in Cambodia Days foreseenOutside Cambodia Total 
Expert 1 84 4 88
Expert 2 84 4 88